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Shanti Ananda Newsletter 3/2015

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Good Bye Celebration of the 7th class in April 2015 with teachers and employees (second row f. l. t. r.: Riyaz, Babu, Ramesh, Narigappa, Giribabu, Kumar, Chandra Mohan, Klaus (Prema), Raja Sekhar, Prabhavathi, Ramadevi, Munemma, A. Saraswathi, M. Saraswathi, Zahrunnisha, Vijayalakshmi, Anasuya, Uttamma)


We are practising a holistic pedagogy for head, heart and hands – very different to the wide spread so called education consisting only of the normal syllabus (language, science, social science, general knowledge and mathematics). The feedback of 7th class students and teachers is published on our website as well ( The statements have been edited and shortened to avoid unnecessary repetitions.


Students’ Feedback

  • “I have been studying since 2008 at this school. I am suffering very much because I have to leave the school – I am unhappy. We have no stage fear because we celebrate Nature Day every month. We perform dramas, show paintings etc. In this school every month we have a health check. Weekly twice we eat Moringa Laddhus [Sweet enhanced with Moringa powder]. Weekly once we have a music class and a Karate class. Every day we have sports and games. I like all teachers. I want to become an army officer.” M. Raju

Raju has been very sick in 2013 needing blood transfusions desperately. His parents could not arrange this – they have no health insurance… Students and teachers did everything they could to help him; Prabhavathi teacher donated blood ( Now Raju is a strong young man capable to lift 50 kg rice – he won as well several gold medals at Karate competitions.

  • “I like music class, Karate and Nature Days, games and sports, the Creativity Progress Exhibition, Moringa Laddhu Pooja etc. I like all teachers. I want to become an army officer.” C. Vignesh
  • “I have studied from 2nd class to 7th class in this school. I like Karate class, drawing class, music class, games and sports. I like all teachers. I like Helga Mam, Horst Sir, Herbert Sir, and Premananda Sir. I like animals and birds. I like nature. I like the swimming pool. I like the greenery in this school I like this school very much. Thank you, Helga Mam and Horst Sir. Thank you to all.” P. Sariya

Sarya wants to become Karate master – understandable as she won gold medals twice in Karate competitions!

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Sarya 2014 at a Karate performance on the area


  • “I have been studying since 2008. This is a very good school. I like the school. I studied here very well. I like the school very much. I like the special education in this school. I like Nature Days, dance class, Music class, Meditation, yoga, creativity classes, Project weeks, watering plants etc. I like different flower plants in this school. I like the green house. I like teddy bears. I like computer class. I like animals and birds in this school. I like Helga Mam, Horst Sir, Herbert Sir, Herbert Mueller Sir, Premananda Sir, Joe Sir, Ivanka Mam and Monika Mam very much. Helga Mam provides us games material, free books, free education, free uniforms. Thank you for providing this. I like all teachers. I like all subjects. Helga Mam is my mother. Helga Mam develops the school very well. I want to become an I. A. S. officer [Indian Administrative Service] and I want to do service to poor people. My school is very beautiful. I like the buildings. Horst Sir provides us Moringa Laddhus. The Laddhus are healthy energy food for us. I like my friends. We have helping nature. I like the library in this school.” Kulyamma


  • “I have been studying since 2007. This is a very good school. The special programmes in the school are creativity, games, Nature Days, plantation, compost preparation, meditation, yoga, Pooja, music class etc. I like these specialities in this school. This is very good service of Helga Mam. Thank you, Mam. Mam provides free school uniforms to us. She loves us very much. I like the school very much. In this school our teachers treat us with love. I like this nature. I have studied 9 years in this school very happily. I enjoyed very much here. I never forget the school. I like Creativity Progress Exhibition, Moringa Laddhus, Pooja etc. Thank you to all, thank you, Helga Mam!” Saichandana



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First Class students at the Nature Day in July (topic: hills)


  • “I have studied here from 3rd class. I like Helga Mam and Horst Sir, Herbert Sir and so many members. I like the teachers very much. I like Pooja here. I like music class very much. Premananda Sir teaches us music very well. I like games here. I have learnt here a lot in this school. So many flower plants are here. I have learnt her a lot about Nature. I like watering the plants here. I have very good friends here. We cooperate one to another. When I joined the school I didn’t know anything. Now I am studying well. Helga Mam is a very nice person. Mam provides us free books and uniforms. We never forget Helga Mam. I never forget my teachers. I would like to study well and have a good position then I want to do service. Mam came from another country and does very good service. Special thanks to Helga Mam. I want to become teacher. Thank you to all.” Haritha


  • “I like Moringa Laddhu, Nature Days, education, games and sports, pooja etc. I like Creativity Progress Exhibition. I want to become a police officer.” Govardhan


  • I feel unhappy because leaving the school. I have been studying since 2008. I like all teachers. I like sports and games, Nature Days, I like [Creativity Progress] Exhibition, music class, yoga class, Karate class, I like Moringa Laddhus, I want to become an engineer. Thank you.” Hemendrasai

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Teacher training in the summer holidays


Teachers’ Feedback

  • “This is Nature Concept School, a modern School. First preference are poor children - how to protect the children and how to teach. Other schools have only the normal education. I like this Nature School.T. Anasuya
  • “Keeping in view that education forms the basic structure by which the younger generation is moulded, Shanti Ananda Upper Primary School has dedicated its services in this field for decades with good infrastructure, good teaching skills, good discipline, personality development, building communication between parents, teachers and students – a good platform for children to build their skills.M. Rama Devi
  • “In this Nature School the students are very interested in many activities. I didn’t see this type of school in my life. Yearly once we have a project week, monthly once a Nature Day and Medical camp; weekly twice Moringa Laddhus are provided to the students. Students practise very well: Yoga, Karate, Music, Dance, Drawing, Computer, Library, Veda Mantras and watering plants. I feel very happy to work in this school.” G. Munemma
  • “This school is very special because we teach with Nature Concept. Our school is entirely different to other school; that’s why children like to come here.Zahrunnisha


  • “I am working as a Telugu teacher. The teaching style at this school is very different. We teach the students with play way and activity based practical methods
    • Moral values are taught along with the subjects.
    • The Students practise Yoga, meditation, Karate, music, dance, drawing, creativity, computer, library, Veda mantras and water plants.
    • Our progress is very good: Nature Days, Project weeks and creativity.
    • Moringa Laddhus are a healthy Nature food.
    • The atmosphere is also very peaceful.
    • Every month on 20th a Health Camp is conducted.

I like Helga Mam and honourable donors. I like these programs. I like headmaster Sir and staff. I feel very happy to work in this school.” N. Giribabu

  • “I am working as a science teacher in this school. This is a nature based school – a modern school. The school campus is also very peaceful and gives good atmospheric conditions. We have greenery and orchard plants (Mango, Custard apple, Guava etc.). The Moringa Laddhus are healthy nature food for the students and us. I like Moringa Laddhus. In this school students are also very active participating in all programs. The Doctor checks up every student and provides good medicine. I like my staff (teachers) and Sirs. We have a good headmaster. He supports us in any problem, in all situations. All staff members cooperate with each other. First of all I thank Helga Mam because she gave a good life to work here. This is our luck. I feel very happy to work in this school.” P. Babu
  • “I am working as a Mathematics teacher. This is a nature based school. Nature is not only a word. Nature creates the world and the universe. Nature gives life. We are depending on Nature.
    • I didn’t see this type of school in my life before. This is a very special school. Many trees have been planted here. This area is totally covered with greenery; and it is clean. This school is like a temple or garden. The name “Shanti Ananda” means peace and happiness.
    • I came here and learnt spiritual values, moral values and how to respect others’ advices, how to talk respectfully to others. I feel very happy to work here.
    • I like very much this school. I like the staff. We have a good head master. He supports us in any problem, in any situation and programs. The staff members are like a good family. They have good advices and suggestions. They respect others’ advices and follow.” U. Riyaz

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Teacher Vijaya Lakshmi with the 3rd class on Nature Day in July

  • “In our school we conduct a “Nature Day” every month. Through this the children observe practically and they develop their knowledge, maturity and what is happening on the earth surface. By these programs children get more information and full details of any project than by the present syllabus in the books. We are teaching lessons to them practically by performing rehearsals, dramas, singing songs, role plays etc. Mainly the school environment is very nice and peaceful help to enjoy and for mind relief. The parents of the children feel very happy because their children study in our school. We are very proud and happy in working. So we are saying Thank You to the Honourable Helga Madam and head of section for providing these facilities, opportunities and equipment for the programs.” M. Vijaya Lakshmi
  • “This is a modern school. I am working as a yoga teacher. I like our school atmosphere – teaching style, play way methods and so many activities. I like the water tank, tiled houses and the area. I like to teach Yoga. This is a good education giving good skills. So I like our Nature Concept School. I am very interested to work in the school.” A. Saraswathi
  • “I am working as an English teacher – this is God’s gift. This school is entirely different from other schools. I studied in my B. Ed. Training time about Montessori Schools and Shantiniketan Schools; I wished to work as a teacher in such a school. My dream came true; I am very happy to work here. First I like very much atmosphere and pedagogical methods.” G. Prabhavathi
  • This is a special school. We teach the students moral values along with the subjects. The students practise Yoga, Meditation, Karate, Music, dance etc. We conduct creativity classes, Nature Days, Project weeks and Creativity Progress Exhibition. Moringa Laddhus are a healthy nature food for the students and us. School campus is so nice giving a peaceful atmosphere. We are thankful forever to all those who facilitate and provide all this.” M. Saraswathi
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Yogasanas on the new yoga mats


  • “I am proud to work as headmaster here; I feel personally that this school is heaven. Children feel free to learn anything; they are getting a fearless education. I haven’t seen this type of school in my life because children can lead many activities with their creative mind. Our teaching methods are different to teach children with head, heart and hands. We use play way, learning by doing and experimental methods. Our school children can create anything because they are experiencing creativity in the school time. I like the children practising meditation, yoga, music, and drawing, Pooja and Bhajana songs, Karate, caring for animals and plants. I always call Helga Shanti my spiritual mother because she encouraged Shanti my spiritual mother because she encouraged and supported me and all staff members. And she conducted much training to the teachers to teach the style of pedagogy. It is my strong belief who gets education at this school they will lead a very beautiful life in the future.” B. Rajasekhar

The company Yogistar from Germany donated 50 Yoga mats (they have a better quality and are bigger as the old ones) and money, for the purpose to prepare yoga dresses for all the students and for special children yoga teacher training for two teachers. Thank you to Yogistar!

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Yoga class in the entrance area of the administration building


The Shanti Ananda Education Society offered a Drawing Workshop in the summer holidays. Everybody could participate; many old students were present as well as students from other schools to learn and to train.

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Sketchbook with drawings

The echo was very good. A 9th class student of a school in Mudigubba said that he was very thankful for this opportunity as up to now he had not been able to draw one line by hand only. A female student of the 8th class in the Sai School in Mudigubba said that she has to pay thousands of Rupees for their Private School, but nevertheless ever had such a chance… She asked for more workshops like this.


With very cordial greetings,

Yours, Helga Shanti Fründt



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Teacher Prabhavathi with the 6th class on Nature Day in July

Shanti Ananda Newsletter 2/2015

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Tractor Tanker


Already several times I gave report about the water situation in the Anantapur District – or should I say ‚drought situation‘? In this year it is extremely difficult: nearly no water is found in the ground – caused by several deficient monsoons in succession. Surface water is very rare; the biggest amount of the used water will be received by bore wells. Now our two bore wells on the area are sufficient for the guest house and the construction office only. Additionally we have to buy water – 15.000 litres every day... Of course we are sharing this fate with many private houses which don’t have water any more as their bore wells are exhausted…

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Coordinator Chandra Mohan as tractor driver

For the transport of water and for construction purpose as well we bought a tractor very recently. Three times daily it will drive to a place in 3 km distance where we can use a bore well for 6500 Rupees monthly without limitation. On the school area the water will be directed from the tanker to the plants directly with the help of a pipe. Our drip irrigation has no use at this moment as the water pressure is not sufficient because of the lack of water… Green Coordinator Narigappa last week said very cordially ‘Thank you’ for the tractor because watering the plants now is possible only with the tanker. 15.000 Rupees monthly have to be paid for the water supply (Rent of the bore well, tractor driver salary and diesel for the tractor). We hope intensively that the next rainy season will bring a lot of rain; but the recent change of the official name for the Anantapur District from „Drought Area“ into „Dry Area“ is not at all auspicious.


The exchange rate from Euro to Rupee is causing additional expenditures; for one Euro given as donation we receive 65 Rupees only – one year before we received 85! This financial situation is causing some problems; and I want to ask you for additional donations very cordially to cover our unusual expenditures.

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Teacher Prabhavathi with class 7 playing throw ball in front of the administration building


The academic year 2014/2015 is nearly completed; on April 23rd – the last school day – a Saraswathi Pooja will be celebrated as fair well ceremony - according to the wish of the 7th class. The whole school will attend this event including our guest teachers. Most of the students will attend different High Schools and continue their school career. On June 12 the next academic year will start.

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Welcome Pooja for foal Herbert


ON March 1st our mare Tara delivered a foal. Project Manager Horst Wagner reports: „18 months ago a man who was very drunk entered our campus with an injured horse. One hoof had been squeezed and was bleeding. The man wanted to get rid of the mare and was so impertinent to demand a very high price – a horse in this condition is normally doomed in this area and will be slaughtered. I gave the permission to Chandra to negotiate in a very tough way; and we bought the horse for a third of the price demanded by the man at the beginning – 90 Euro. The horse was named ‘Tara’ with the meaning ‘the Peaceful’ (from Tibetan Buddhism). Indeed her character is very peaceful. After some time Tara was gaining weight; and we suspected that our stallion Raju might have made her pregnant. We brought her to a society caring for animals and got her checked. The animals’ doctor said that Tara had a gas problem; we ought to change her food. But I was totally sure that Tara was pregnant and got her checked several times by the animals’ doctor in Mudigubba. A paddock was built behind the administration building to provide a safe and protected space for Tara when the foal would be born. Last night [March 1st] Tara delivered the foal. It was named ‚Herbert‘ after main donor Herbert Fruendt.“

The foal is well again after suffering of an allergy within the first two weeks causing massive hair loss. Mother Tara does not have enough milk; and cow milk has to be given to the foal additionally. The animals‘ doctor treated small ‚Herbert‘ with injections; and now he is looking very nice again.


I want to ask you very intensively to donate for our animals. Beside the three horses we have five dogs as well needing food, medicine and shelter. If you open your heart for our animals you can get your donation used for this purpose only!

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Animals‘ House – exhibit in the Creativity Progress Exhibition


The Creativity Progress Exhibition was as fascinating as always; the creative items prepared by the students within the last two months were presented to other classes, teachers and visitors. An animals’ house had been prepared by the students - maybe it had been inspired by the paddock built for our three horses...


The Nature Day in March had as theme "Harvesting of compost". On the grounds are three compost pits created by pupils; one higher class cooperates with two lower classes at each pit. Large amounts of high-quality compost were harvested on the said day; the good quality could be identified through many larvae of special beetles which were put back into the soil. It was a pleasure to watch the children eagerly digging, transporting and distributing the compost at the plants.

compost2.jpg - 120.42 Kb



Loading of compost in order to transport it to the plants

Compost always has had a strong symbolic meaning for me: a highly precious substance obtained from seemingly worthless material enhancing the soil on a high level - a boon for plants and for mother earth. This message is so important for our students - and they seem to have understood it... This event appeared to me as fascinating workings, with any action fitting perfectly into the next.

compost1.jpg - 149.95 Kb



Compost larvae of special beetles


The construction work on the school grounds continue despite of heat and drought. Classroom No. 5 is in an advanced status: the masonry works are largely finished; the roof construction is pending. The walls of classroom No. 6 are currently built with stones; the next layer will be built with our self-prepared bricks.

mason.jpg - 90.72 Kb

Classroom No. 6 under construction

We assume that in the academic year 2015/16 - starting on the 12.6 - the third and fourth class can take their new classrooms into possession. Mid-2016, we expect the end of the construction measures. Then hopefully all nine classes (two Kinder Garden classes and classes 1 to 7) can be taught in their own rooms – a dream dreamt since 2010 will come true...

moringa.jpg - 90.12 Kb

School Moringa Garden in harvested status

The Moringa experimental garden on the campus was harvested before the start of the biggest heat, which is expected in May. The Moringa leaves are removed from the stems, dried, milled in the mixer and packed into covers.

laddu.jpg - 116.99 Kb

The powder obtained in the last crops was given to the school - for the preparation of Laddhus - and to some Moringa lovers taking the leaf powder of the "tree of life" as a highly potent dietary supplement. By using the proceeds of the sale the healthy sweets can be distributed to the pupils; additionally necessary equipment and accessories can be financed. Like this we are able – with the help of the Moringa experimental garden – to contribute a small amount to the creative self-financing of the school.

With very cordial greetings,

Yours, Helga Shanti Fruendt


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Indian persons should give their donation to the

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View to the Administration Building with new entrance area

Shanti Ananda Newsletter 5/2014


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Diwali Light Mandala

This charming mandala creation with colourful flowers and many candles was created by the 3rd class on Nature Day in October (Motto: “Avoid Crackers”). Headmaster Raja Sekhar wanted to motivate the students towards a new approach for celebrating the Diwali festival. It is very famous all over India; but within the last years it became very common to burn lots of crackers on this occasion. A lot of money every year will be spent only for the reason to produce big sound and to set little children and animals into panic. Headmaster Raja Sekhar reports: „The children had many alternative ideas like picnicking, playing games with the families, celebrating a pooja, watching spiritual movies or cleaning the surrounding. Some students proposed to save the money spent for crackers and to donate it to needy persons. The children want to celebrate another Diwali festival; this festival originally is about helping others and the planet. ‘The earth has enough problems already’ was the main message of this Nature Day. The Diwali Festival is a festival of light in order to celebrate the victory of knowledge against ignorance and of good against evil.” I was very touched by this report.

2.jpg - 140.98 Kb

Diwali consciousness widening action of the 7th class

On October 28th my brother and main donor Herbert Fruendt, healer Josef, his wife Tara and I visited the school. We were welcomed by a colourful abundance of flowers and enjoyed this welcome ceremony. Josef and Tara were very impressed by the loving atmosphere and the creative architecture on the area.

3.jpg - 138.31 Kb

Welcome ceremony on the school area

Herbert Fruendt was fond to meet again teachers, students and staff. I was again present for the very first time after some months break (because of disease); it was stunning for me to see a number of students have grown some inches (!) within this period. A walk across the area showed the new achievements to us including the new class rooms for the two kinder garden classes. I like very much the toys in the LKG class room stitched by teacher Munemma. In this academic year the parents of the LKG students could buy a handmade toy for their children the very first time; like this the start of their school career should become easier and more child adequate.

4.jpg - 59.16 Kb


Eight new laptops in the computer lab

Eight new laptops for the computer classes were recently purchased thanks to the generous donation of one of our donors.

5.jpg - 103.49 Kb


Students testing the new laptops

We are very thankful for this donation because our old laptops needed a lot of attention and maintenance meanwhile (as used ones they had been donated to us in 2009 already); some could not be used any more. Computer teacher Vijaya Lakshmi is very happy as she can concentrate onto teaching now without being bothered by technical problems all the time. The students are testing the new models – in groups of two or three members. The laptops look very nice in the computer lab in the administration building.

6.jpg - 116.56 Kb

Computer lab with new laptops


The auspicious action “Keep clean – make green” (announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi) was realized by most schools all over India on October 13th and is to be repeated regularly every month. Up to now the garbage in India is mostly rejected and denied, nobody wants to give attention to it...

7.jpg - 147.54 Kb

Shanti Ananda students inform about the usage of dust bins

Modi’s call was a sensitizer for the shattering topic. The fact that the schools are doing the first step to approach this problem might create a new consciousness for the involved students. For the Shanti Ananda students this action was the continuation of the cleaning action in the SC colony two years ago arranged in the project week – this place has become much cleaner and neater since then… Our students are familiar with this topic now and are able to give valuable hints how to deal with the garbage to everybody…

8.jpg - 147.35 Kb

Cleaning action in the SC Colony


9.jpg - 118.55 Kb


Seeds for forest trees in students‘ hands

In September a very remarkable action was arranged: a small hill in the neighbourhood of the school was to be reforested. Teacher M.Saraswathi and the students had collected many seeds of different forest trees in the last academic year; and some children had collected custard apple seeds as well. These trees will grow in spite of erratic and scarce rain falls and don’t need to be watered. After they are planted they should survive also with less water; that makes them ideal for reforestation.


91.jpg - 137.84 Kb

Reforestation project on the neighbour hill


A number of 11000 seeds were put into the soil on this small hill; M. Saraswathi and Prabhavathi teachers conducted this project with the 6th and 7th class. On the first day the 7th class of M. Saraswathi spread 9000 seeds; some days later again 2000 seeds were put into the soil by both classes. In a third action small trees – pre grown in pots on the school area - were planted. Headmaster Raja Sekhar explained that these trees would enable a happy life for many birds some time later; as well some people would be able to earn their livelihood by harvesting and selling custard apples. Unfortunately the three actions were not successful because of sudden rain falls; many seeds and small plants were flushed down into the valley by soil erosion. Now there is a new plan to adopt the hill with the permission of the Mandal Revenue Officer and to plant again basing on a special plan.

In September two more compost pits were dug on the school area; in June the first compost pit had been arranged on the Nature Day. The manure of this first one was used for nourishing some plants on the area. All the three compost pits were named: „Earth Worm”, “Nature” and “Mother Earth” Compost Pit. For every pit three classes are responsible: younger and older students in cooperation. The compost pit leaders explained the function and handling of the compost pits.

92.jpg - 175.71 Kb

Compost pit

New school uniforms were distributed to the new students on November 5th. As usual the Shanti Ananda Education Society arranged this activity. Every two years every student receives two sets uniforms – consisting of two blouses and two skirts for the girls or two shirts and two pants for the boys. Horst Wagner held a very interesting speech; and Herbert Fruendt and Herbert Mueller were happy to come into close contact with our smallest students.

93.jpg - 153.72 Kb

Distribution of school uniforms in the entrance area of the school

Since October we distribute Laddus – an Indian sweet - with Moringa powder from our Moringa garden to our students after the weekly pooja. Headmaster Raja Sekhar explains: “I would like to give report about Moringa Laddus. First we explained the benefits of Moringa powder to the students. Last Friday we gave Laddus to the children. 70% children accepted to eat them, 30% have to be convinced... That is why we want to change the mixing of varieties with Moringa powder:

  • Green gram + Jaggery + Anise seeds (watts) + Moringa Powder
  • Ragi powder + Honey + Anise seeds + Moringa Powder
  • Sweet lemon juice or Mango juice + Moringa Powder
  • Ragi malt with Moringa Powder


Anise seeds are used for good smell and health. With these we want to prepare Laddus.” I am very curious how this interesting experiment will run…


With very cordial greetings,

Yours, Helga Shanti Fruendt



Donation Accounts

Foreigners should give their donation to this FCRA account

Shanti Ananda Education Society

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Account No: 185410100007532

IFSC: ANDB0001854


Indian persons should give their donation to the

Shanti Ananda Education Society

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Andhra Pragathi Grameena Bank

Account No. 19073080607


94.jpg - 210.82 Kb

Class room model, arranged by students

Shanti Ananda Newsletter 1/2015

a1.jpg - 351.36 Kb


Students are mulching their plants

The Nature Day in January was about ‘saving water’ – a most important topic as the Anantapur District is suffering under the most serious drought since some years. Of course this lack of rain falls seems to be manmade (massive reduction of trees and at the same time increasing of the population), but nevertheless it is necessary and compulsory to find practical solutions.

a2.jpg - 305.01 Kb

On our school area we practise mulching extensively as by this technique we do save a lot of water. The students are taught how to mulch teaching their families and others again. A variety of materials is useful for mulching, for example coconut peals, straw, dry leaves and many others – most importantly the soil around the plant should be covered to avoid drying. Besides the advantage of saving water mulching is beneficial as the organic material is becoming compost after some time – giving valuable nutrients to the plant.

The Bicycle training place has been completed – arranged with four loops and a central stand for 16 cycles. Our students will have the golden opportunity to learn or train cycling and to practise traffic rules. The next project week will be busy with this important topic. The traffic on India’s roads is most chaotic, and a careful and cautious behaviour is very important especially for children.

a3.jpg - 328.99 Kb

Bicycle loops

A Pooja was celebrated in the medicine wheel (now located in the bicycle training place) in favour of the land transfer. Our school land is still a property of the PRDS and should be transferred to our Shanti Ananda Education Society; but there is a major problem: the fee at the Register Office is 27 Lakhs (2,700,000 Rupees) as our land is ‘commercial’ – although we are a social project depending on funds only. We contacted some VIP’s and a lawyer in this case already.

a4.jpg - 219.43 Kb

Pooja in the medicine wheel

a5.jpg - 270.56 Kb

Headmaster Raja Sekhar with Moringaladdhus at the parents ‘meeting

Since some weeks Moringa laddhus (sweets) will be distributed to the students regularly. On the school area near to the Guest house a Moringa garden was started in 2014 for experiencing the growing up of Moringa, the ‚tree of life‘. Teachers and students prepare these sweets in a holy ceremony (ingredients: dried Moringa leave powder, groundnut and green gram powder, jaggery, pea powder, ghee, cardamom, aniseeds and vanilla). Twice weekly the laddhus are given to students and teachers; in the next academic year we want to distribute more frequently...

a6.jpg - 317.82 Kb

Herbert Fruendt distributes Moringa Laddhus to the students

The regular consumption of Moringa powder – containing all the vitamins and minerals needed for the human body in a very excellent composition - is very beneficial especially for malnourished children; the students ‘health status should be improved by empowering their immune system. Our students are from poor families only eating a lot of white rice regularly – for breakfast; lunch and dinner. Most of them are not at all familiar with “healthy food” easily becoming sick… We try to give useful pieces of information about a healthy diet of course, but for many poor families it is not possible to realize this because of monetary strain. Wrong habits of eating are very strong additionally…

a7.jpg - 573.56 Kb

Moringa experimental garden

a8.jpg - 94.91 Kb

Soil sample poster

The Nature Day in February covered the topic ‚types of soil‘ as a very fascinating one. The students were busy with scientific (for example soil samples)and creative activities.

a9.jpg - 374.10 Kb

Art installation with soil in the Green Classroom

On February 9th a Cultural Event was arranged – the very first time in the most attractive, very recently completed entrance area of the administration building. Before a parents’ meeting took place; Headmaster Raja Sekhar explained the effect of Moringa powder to the human body. Later on laddhus were distributed to parents and students. Without cooperation of the parents we cannot realize our pedagogy – twice yearly a parents’ meeting is arranged about different educational topics.

a91.jpg - 269.51 Kb

Drama about sickness and healing

The program was colourful and interesting: besides dances and dramas a Karate performance, acrobatics and two very funny and touching sketches of the school area employees about the problem topic ‚alcohol‘ could be admired by the visitors.

a92.jpg - 280.09 Kb

Acrobatics on stage – have a look to the German and the Indian flag!

On February 15th eight of our students won again gold and silver medals on a Karate competition; the prizes were handed over to them in the entrance area of the administration building.Mudigubba Mandal Educational Officer Lakshminarayana came as a guest to handover medals to our school children. Our parents and teachers are very proud of our capable and powerful students whose self esteem is improved by this wonderful success. Especially for girls it is very useful not to become a victim in violent situations, but to be able to save themselves by Karate…

a93.jpg - 383.71 Kb

Karate prizes are handed over

With very cordial greetings,

Yours, Helga Shanti Fruendt



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Shanti Ananda Newsletter 4/2014

Karate demo of our gold medal winner at the parents’ meeting

August 2014 was a very eventful and active month: on 15th Independence Day was celebrated; as usual the day before games were arranged, and the winners received prizes later. On 19th at a parents’ meeting the winners of a Karate competition were honoured; and finally from 20th August onwards a project week took place with the topic „Nature Ganesha“.

Press photo of Karate price winners, Karate teachers, guests, Headmaster and school teachers

A 2nd State level Open Karate championship -2014 was conducted by Shito Ryu Karate –Do India .It is near Hindupur at Gauribidanur in Karnataka – a Karate competition of more than 2000 students from Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. Our school students won two gold medals and one shield in karate khatha events [of 30 in Andhra Pradesh totally]. A parents‘meeting was arranged for honouring the winners, Anantapur District Karate President Akbar Ali and Karate Master Shakhavali were present. P. Sariya, student of the 7th class, had won the first place at Karate Khatha events, and she received a shield and a certificate. M. Raju, 7th class student, and A. Sreekanth, 6th class student, had achieved third places receiving gold medals as well. The two guests, Sub-Inspector Reddeppa and the new Andhra Bank manager Manjunath, handed over the certificates to the winners. Afterwards a small Karate demo was shown to the parents. P. Sariya’s demo was most impressing: positioned on a nail board she was encumbered by a heavy granite stone; the Karate teacher split it into two pieces… The parents were deeply impressed; especially sport events enjoy a big prestige here and now in India. For me it was very touching to see M. Raju receiving as a Karate winner – two years before he nearly died because of blood problems; and all the students and teachers collected money for blood transfusions at that time.

Debate about Nature Ganesha and chemical Ganesha before starting the Project Week

Topic of the Project Week completed on August 25thwas „Nature Ganesha“ – very suitable as on 29th August the yearly Ganesha Festival was celebrated (Ganesha, the elephant god, symbolizes a good start, success and protection). This festival is after Mahashivaratri (festival of Shiva) the second important one in India. Originally it was a spiritual event, but nowadays it is a commercial celebration mostly, with people drinking alcohol and making a lot of noise. The Ganesha statues presented on rallies - mostly prepared of chemical materials -are put into the water at the end of the day. Like this every year again a huge pollution is caused – especially in this drought area with less water, the district in India with the second last rain fall.

Arguments of students and guests for Nature Ganesha

Arguments against chemical Ganeshas

Some days before starting the Project Week a debate about Nature Ganeshas and chemical Ganeshas was arranged by Headmaster Raja Sekhar. The children who had been busy with this topic class wise had selected leaders to present their arguments in the debate. Three guests had been invited: Doctor Govind, Priest Raghu and Electrical line man K. Bala Raju who had shown the preparation of a Nature Ganesha to students and teachers in the last year already.In the debate a big number of aspects worth to think about were brought into the minds of the participants (see photos). Our guests were impressed by the creativity and sharp mind of our students.

Project Week Plan

20.8.: Team and work distribution

21.8.: Preparation of the exhibition

22.8. Preparation of exhibition and rally

23.8. Rally in Mudigubba

25.8. Exhibition at the bus stand

Project week plan

Clay Ganesha under construction

Preparation of plant colours

The rally of the students through Mudigubba – with many different slogans for consciousness rising – was a colourful event attracting a lot of attention.

Ganesha rally of the students through Mudigubba

On the last day of the Project week (August 25th) the exhibition took place at the bus stand in midst of Mudigubba – the very first time outside of the school premises. A big variety of Ganeshas was presented to more than 2500 visitors (adults and children from Mudigubba and the villages around): Ganeshas made of clay, seeds, leaves, coconuts, CD’s, fruits, vegetables, grass and cotton. Our students explained the preparation of Clay Ganeshas and as well of natural colours. The main differences between chemical Ganeshas and Nature Ganeshas were clearly pointed out. The responsible team was very happy and satisfied to get the chance to inform so many people about our exhibits and activities. Balaji Naik, a 6th class student, asked the people to protect Nature and to buy Nature Ganeshas. The feedback of the visitors was positive, many visitors appreciated our activities. Some Sai Baba students coming from Puttaparthi (40 km distant) for the exhibition asked us to show it there as well.

Ganesha exhibition in a tent at the bus stand

The press responded very well; within one week eight newspaper articles were published in different newspapers – about Project Week and Karate event. After the Project Week a success meeting was held by students and teachers to reflect the week.

Crowd in the Ganesha tent

The realization of this week was a dream of Headmaster Raja Sekhar. When he studied for B.A. (Bachelor of Arts) being very unhappy about the ‘Chemical Ganesha Festival’ he had the wish for more nature awareness and spirituality already. He is very satisfied about having brought some knowledge about Nature Ganesha and more awareness to the people.

Students enjoy their activity as awareness bringers

I am very impressed and very satisfied with this week as well and would like to see many more interesting and conscious widening project weeks realizing the dreams of students and teachers. I am deeply convinced that aim and goal of a good school are mainly to enable the students to realize their dreams. Shall all of us realize our most beautiful dreams!

With very cordial greetings,

Yours, Helga Shanti Fruendt

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Independence Day Celebration (August 15th)

Students’ racing on August 14th


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