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Shanti Ananda Newsletter 5/2013

Shanti Ananda Nature Concept School

Newsletter 5/2013

Since we shifted to the new area on June12th a lot happened. Children and also teachers feel at home and enjoy the huge space of more than 9 acres and the big variety of different options for many types of activities. New contacts generated, new habits developed. Old habits have to be checked whether still suitable. Like this it was noted that a small two years old tree in front of the gardener house (Upper Kinder Garden classroom) had been damaged with a sharp stone. Luckily the damage was discovered very soon by our employees, and the small tree could be supported. When we looked for the responsible person it came out that three UKG boys – new at the school since June – had damaged the tree.

The three boys who damaged the tree in midst of the students‘ circle


This event was the reason to arrange a ritual by all students with the damaged tree in the centre. The students recited a mantram together, prayed for the tree and practiced energy work. The three boys – who only had imitated the wide spread cutting of trees in this area (what probably is an important reason for the lack of rain and the undergoing desertification process) – received a public teaching by Headmaster Raja Sekhar about plantation and protection of trees as one of our main aims. We want to build up our Nature Concept School buildings and simultaneously grow up a forest on our area. Like this it will become an oasis in midst of deforestation and destruction.


Students in a circle, in the background administration building and toilet block

Headmaster Raja Sekhar teaches the students about the use of trees

This event inspired the topic of the July Nature Day: cleanliness and plantation. 75 trees waited for plantation. Last year 40 trees on the guest house line had died, they were going to be replaced. Furthermore the rare number of trees at the eastern boarder of the area was going to be increased.

Students‘ assembly around the trees to be planted

Plantation team with trees

Mixed teams were generated: students of all age groups with one or two adults formed one team. Altogether 11 teams eagerly started their work to arrange more plantation for the area. The rainy season is ideal for this purpose – but the rain gods did not yet give too much rain till now... That’s why we want to arrange a rain ceremony every Nature Day in future hoping the it will attract more rain...

The youngest Kinder garden students plant a tree

Two of the three boys who damaged the tree plant a new one

This action was as well necessary and deeply touching. It was a very useful and heart opening experience for the children to arrange more plantation in a big group together with all the other fellow students, teachers and school area employees. Some classes had planted trees before, but in this constellation as a community activity it was new. For the „bad boys“ who had damaged the tree in front of the gardener house it was a healing and uplifting experience. Personal relationships between trees and children generated - very welcome to all of us.

Recitation of the Gayatri-Mantram in the team as energy work for the tree

Tree song on the stage

After the plantation action the Nature Day was continued with dramas, songs, dances and picture exhibition. Tree songs were sung, dramas about plantation and cleanliness were presented by the students. A touching flower drama was shown; the flowers were complaining bitterly to be cut in a most cruel way under their heads regularly ... A small student showed his dancing skills to the public including School Doctor Mussal Reddy as well. He comes to our school since 2007 every month to check the health status of the students and to give medicine; and several times he introduced the school function by playing the drum.

The flowers come to speech with their issue

Certainly celebrations like this form a fundament for a new consciousness – a wholistic, ecological and – last, not least - spiritual consciousness allowing to all the inhabitants of Mother Earth to live together in peace and harmony and respect each other with their needs. Inhabitants of the Earth are not human beings only, but also animals and plants – like our beloved trees and flowers mentioned above.


Slogans with the topic „trees“

The slogans with the topic “trees” are very suitable obviously to widen our daily life consciousness and to open our hearts for the world of plants (Flora). How would Mother Earth look like without plants (her hairs) ? The human beings could not survive, and she would be empty - not able to give shelter to the creatures…

Picture „Clean and green village“

The children’s pictures „Clean and green village“ were especially touching for me. The trees have a face and a soul expressing vivid emotions. The trees are happy when their environment is neat and clean; and they are sadly crying when they are damaged. These pictures express an inner relationship between children and trees. By the way: trees are the only plants connecting sky and earth; they can grow as high that they seem to reach the sky... In old pictures the total world was painted as a huge tree. Sayings state the people of Africa as linked the roots, the people of the west with the trunk and the people of Asia with the branches...


Tree with playing children and animals as inhabitants


Picture of a tree story

Taj Mahal with trees

We want to do everything to build up, to support and to strengthen this precious relationship between trees and children on our area. Plantations and regular caring like watering, removing weeds and mulching are means to maintain this personal relationship (they are included in our time table); games and stories about trees and with trees complete these activities. Some trees might receive names as well... We hope strongly that this new generation gives more respect to their environment and to Mother Earth than their parents. I think and feel that it is very auspicious to be in midst of this process and to inspire it.

Completion of current interest (3.8.): On July 30th the Central Government in Delhi divided the State Andhra Pradesh into two parts according to the wish of Telangana. Heavy protests and rallies are the consequence in Rayalasseema because this part wanted unity... Four days in sequency the students got holidays by the D.E.O. (District Education Officer), Anantapur. Today is already August 3rd! And what will the students do within this free time? Many of them cooperate with angry and rageous adults who want to express their unhappiness hoping that the central government might change their decision: they block the roads, burn photos of Sonia Gandhi or grass puppets. In Puttaparthy Government School teachers went along with classes of students to burn a photo of Sonia Gandhi in the public! This is an education towards violence and hatred!

How to educate the students towards peace, love and dharma? Our headmaster Raja Sekhar arranged very wisely beneficial actions for our students: one day he inspired a rallye for peace in Mudigubba after explaining the history of the separation in Andhra Pradesh to all the students. Today the D.E.O. again announced a holiday; and Raja Sekhar inspired – for the sake of the freshly planted trees on the school area – name boards with students‘ names for some of these trees. The students mentioned on the boards are responsible for these trees. This action was an important step towards practical responsibility. This type of education is what we need today so urgently. How would our world look like if every child had the responsibility for one tree? Mother Earth would be very happy...

Name board team fixing the board

By the way: the fundaments for the first two class rooms are completed; these rooms (for LKG and UKG) planned as octagons will be built up quickly – after three months they might be ready for use. They will form the inner part of the spiral (or a snake rolling inside) – composed of octagon rooms – on the school area. The toilet block as well is nearly completed; at the beginning of the Academic Year the roof was not yet present.

The students – who normally don’t have free water access in their houses – enjoy to get water without any restriction and spent lots of this precious element for toilet needs and handwashing. Now we have to save water urgently. Like this it becomes compulsory for us to arrange a waste water recycling system. The waste water will be recycled (in three pits filled with stones, coal and sand) and can be used for watering our trees at the end - a meaningful usage of this most precious good in this draught area with irregular rain falls.

Like this step by step we come to a complete eco sustainable school area...

Thank you and with cordial greetings,

Yours, Helga Shanti Fründt



School Doctor Mussal Reddy in the entrance area of the administration building



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Shanti Ananda Newsletter 4/2013

Shanti Ananda Nature Concept School

Newsletter 4/2013



June 12th was a great day for all of us: the school moved with all items to the new area. Since more than three years we had anxiously been waiting for this day (in March 2010 the new area had been purchased). The idea to build up a Nature Concept School had already been generated in 2008 by our teachers. On June 12th a dream dreamt by us for many years became true. Class rooms aren’t yet present (they will be built in the second stage of building); we have to adjust with temporary circumstances: the classes will be arranged primarily in the seven rooms of the administration building (headmaster office, society office, library, teachers’ room, computer room and two labs).


View from the entrance gate to the administration building

Watchman-, gardener- and guest house and last not least the Green Classroom will be used for classes additionally. As our teachers and students are used to painful lack of space – the complete size of the old school was less than 300 square meters - everybody feels like in paradise right now in spite of temporary circumstances; we enjoy light and architectonically beautiful rooms. The administration building – visible directly from the entrance – is nearly completed; central space and entrance area will be finalized within short time. The entrance area was extended in the front for enabling a space for meetings as big as possible. In spite of this uncompleted status the inauguration pooja for the building was already celebrated at this very place – with teachers and students.


Inauguration pooja in the entrance area



The rooms in the administration building are big and light and have enough space for storage purpose; the lamps are fed by solar energy. Each room – as a segment of the octagon building – opens to the central space covered with a dome of green glass. It is designed as a meditation room and will be provided with benches and a fountain in the centre balancing the different activities in the building.


First teacher meeting in the administration building

The first teacher meeting – with two new teachers for mathematics and science – took place on June 12th; Coordinator and Green Coordinator participated. Two topics will be in the focus within the next time: cleanliness and security. The topic of the next Nature Day on June 25th will be „Snakes and scorpions“ as there are lots of scorpions and some snakes on the area – a potential danger for the children. The students – many went to school with bare feet – have to wear slippers from now on. Cleanliness is fundamental for our Nature Concept School, especially concerning usage of toilets and dustbin. In the old school only two toilets were present used by our teachers; all the students had to go outside... Some children don’t have bathrooms in their houses; they have to learn how to use toilets. The teachers have to teach the students how to handle the toilets and how to keep them neat and clean; the students ought to take responsibility. The water tank of the toilet building is not yet completed; big drums in the toilet rooms have to be filled with water every morning to grant the water supply for the toilets. The students have to keep the buckets in the toilet cabins filled with water as long as the taps cannot be used. Improvisation will be necessary; but this situation is meaningful because the students get the chance to create their surroundings on their own actively. New photos of the school area you find here:


Inspection of the area by the teachers (with uncompleted water tank)


Central dustbin with four chambers

The move from the old school to the new area was done within two days; students, teachers and volunteers cooperated loading and unloading all the materials; old students helped as well. The small car had to go up and down several times for transporting everything.

The car for shifting the materials is load in front of the old school

The old school now is used as society office only; as soon as there are sufficient class rooms it will be shifted into the administration building. The Krishna temple – core of the old school in the centre – will be used for the original spiritual purpose maintained by us for the next time.


Transportation car in front of the administration building


Move in action with tricycles


Desktop transport to the headmaster office

The move to the new area and the start of the new Academic Year bring some changes for our employees; two new B. Ed. (Bachelor of Education) teachers have been engaged, and some old teachers do other jobs now: Venkata Narayana now acts as our clerk and the right hand of the head master doing administrative work, arranging materials and much more. Zahrunnisha and Munemma cooperate teaching the Upper Kinder Garden children. Munemma is going to act as librarian in the morning and teach in the afternoon; Zahrunnisha will teach in the morning and stitch teddy bears in the afternoon; she is our special expert preparing very charming teddy bears already. By selling we hope to get some additional income for the school. Some income generating activities are planned in future to enable more income for the school. In the moment we are fully dependent on donations – that means we need your help as well - to realize our pedagogical work.


Students buck vaulting

The new area enables a bigger spectrum of activities for the students. In the last two academic years two classes came to the area daily, but a permanent stay feels different… The students are no more present for a visit only; but they can feel themselves at home now. The children use the area as a big “adventure playground” with joy and enchantment for multiple activities. Obviously they feel comfortable and conquer the land with childlike joy of discovering. Of course they have to help with the daily duties as well like watering the plants, removing weeds, collecting garbage and cleaning; all these activities are part of our pedagogical concept. In general the students like to do these works; they feel that they are participating in a great experiment. Furthermore they appreciate getting free books and school uniforms, enjoying a loving pedagogy with many options for activities and being taught in spacious and attractive buildings by friendly and sympatric teachers. Within the next future additional options for sports and games will be arranged as well for improving the quality of the area.

Students playing on top of a sand heap

Photos of the move day you find here: (please scroll down to reach the photos at the bottom).

First morning prayer on the new area

The next kinder garden age group was tested in a new room of the administration building on June 14th in the presence of their parents.


Testing of the new kinder garden children

The parents had been checked in the summer holidays by our headmaster whether they fulfilled the condition of poverty as we are still a school for poor children only. As usual we had more candidates for a place in the Lower Kinder Garden than we could accept (the size of our classes is limited to 20 students). The children had to go through a lottery after being tested; 16 children of 21 were accepted starting as UKG students now. Afterwards the7th class students of the last academic year received their transfer certificates enabling them to attend the local High Schools.

Participants of the Spoken English Course in May 2013

In these summer holidays a Spoken English Course had been arranged and led by our headmaster Raja Sekhar as an activity of the Shanti Ananda Education Society. 45 participants attended the course; many old students came to improve their English language skills. Additionally laughter yoga was offered as a funny high light for the participants. Everybody was happy with this opportunity for optimizing spoken language skills; in the next summer holidays the course will be continued…

Our school still is fully dependent on donations. Within the last years we received a lot of support; and I hope strongly that we are going to receive help and support in future also for realizing our Creative Nature Concept fully. The move to the new area is a most important step as a compulsory condition for the realization of our nature concept pedagogy. To reach this noble aim we have to concentrate onto more experimental and project teaching methods in this academic year. The second building phase which will start soon is most auspicious as our classrooms – in the same style as the existing buildings and arranged in a spiral – will be completed. We need more teaching materials as well; and we want to offer better writing conditions to our students (for improving hand writing) by designing writing benches. We need your support; and I want to ask you politely and intensively to give a donation to us.

By the way: all the newsletters are available on this link:

Thank you and with cordial greetings,

Yours, Helga Shanti Fründt


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Inauguration pooja seen from the construction area

Shanti Ananda Newsletter 2/2013

In February the sixth project week took place; the teachers had decided to take once again the topic of the last year for a deeper approach: „Clean Mudigubba“.The main slogan was „Reduce, reuse, recycle“, inspired by the Karuna Society in Puttaparthy (, fighting against plastic covers. At the very beginning the students collected plastic covers in the surrounding of the school; later they created beautiful itemsof plastic waste in the school.

Children collect plastics in the environment

The children prepared – with plastic wasteonly – animals, fruits, vegetables and decorations. Huge, big and small animals as well as a “plastic monster” and dolls were made – besides a cow eating plastics. All the fillings of the stitched items consisted of plastics only. The techniques for this handicraft (cutting, stitching and filling) were learned by teacher Zahrunnisha in the last summer holidays at a “Teddy bear” course. In the Dussehra Holidays she taught the teachers and some villagers; and now all the students are practicing eagerly...

Students prepare a cow eating plastic covers

On the third day the older children went into the „Old village“; most of our students live there. They informed the people about the dangers of plastic garbage. Fifty posters of the Karuna Society were fixed at house walls and public buildings (in the last English Newsletter I gave a report about this touching “Plastic cow” project:

Students explain the problem with plastic garbage

The children showed the preparation of paper bagsas well – as an alternative to the painful plastic covers – and of ropes drilled of plastic covers. They tried to convince the people to ban plastic covers; some inhabitants said that the factories producing them should be closed…

„Mother Earth“ gives a petition to the police; on her left the “Plastic monster”


Society President M. Saraswathi hands over the petition in the Panchayat

On the fourth day teachers and studentswent for a rally; several offices in Mudigubba were visited. All the officers received petitions demanding a ban of plastic covers; they were open for this option...

“Plastic Cow” poster of the Karuna Society

“Mother Earth” with Society logo

The petition is planned to be presented to the Collector in the District capital Anantapur as well; The MRO (Mandal Revenue Officer) will hand it over to him.

Student with plastic animals and doll on the guest house veranda

On the fifth day the beautifulresults of the project week were exhibited. The Guest house and as well the gardener and watchman houses were used for this purpose.

Vegetable shop prepared with plasticwaste

The colorful and vibrant exhibits- showing creativity, originality and handicrafts’ knowledge – were worth to be admired. In the Guest house the “Plastic Cow” video of the Karuna Society was shown to the visitors.


Crocodile and fish with boat

A Highlight of the daywas a laughter yoga session arranged bySheenafor the students in the guest house (; very spontaneously the students „jumped“ into the situation and participated in this joyful event.


Sheena with Prabavathi teacher and students on the guest house veranda

In the afternoon a parents ‘meeting was arranged in the guest house; some changes regarding the Shanti Ananda Education Society (SAES) had to be discussed. All the parents aresociety members: instead of school fees they pay an amount of 300 Rupees for the membershipyearly). The SAEShas received the FCRA (Foreign Contribution Registration Act) very recently(official recognition by the government).Furthermore SAES received charitable status according to 80 G und 12 A, enabling the Indian citizens to pay less taxes when they give a donation. The SAES boardwill change because of special rules and regulations after receiving FCRA.Head mistress in charge M. Saraswathi stays President;teacher G. Saraswathi becomes Vice President; headmaster Raja Sekhar becomes treasurer; coordinator and accountant Chandra Mohan becomes secretary. The parents - as society members- select joint secretary and two EC members. The number of EC (Executive Committee) members was reduced from eleven to seven. We hope that a good cooperation of parents and teachers will take place in the SAES for a future oriented creative pedagogy basing on human values.

Workshop with NGO consultant Manjunath Reddy: arranging of a “social net“



Anasuya teacher shows pineapple decoration made of plastic waste

Romula, Vice President of the Karuna Society, informs about the pollution with garbage in Puttaparthy:Shri.B.Aravind… wrote "Chithravathi. The painful story of pollution of a holy River"... the pictures are painful reminders of what public apathy, indifference and cruelty can do. Share with all the awareness of the state of our river Mother Chithravathi:

Children in front of the construction office on the exhibition day


G. Sabitha, former headmistress of the school and Society President till 2011, wrote a very remarkable article about the work of teachers (she is absolvingtraining as children’s counsellor):

“What does a Teacher make?

Speaking at a graduation ceremony, a school Principal said: "The Doctor
wants his child to become a doctor..., the Engineer wants his child to
become an engineer..., the Businessman wants his
ward to become a CEO..., BUT
a teacher also wants his child to become one of them, as well.. . ! Nobody
wants to become a teacher "BY CHOICE"... very sad, but that's the truth!"

The dinner guests were sitting around the table discussing life. One man, a
CEO, decided to explain the problem with education. He argued, "What's a
kid going to learn from someone who decided his best option in life was to
become a teacher?"

To stress his point he said to another guest: "You're a teacher, Bonnie. Be
honest. What do you MAKE?"

Teacher Bonnie, who had a reputation for honesty and frankness replied, "You
want to know what I MAKE?"

She paused for a second, then began . . . "Well, I make kids work harder
than they ever thought they could. I make a 'C+' feel like the
Congressional Medal of Honor winner. I make kids sit through 40 minutes of
class time when their parents can't
make them sit for five min. without I-Pod, Game Cube or movie rental."

"You want to know what I make." She paused again and looked at each and
every person at the table, "I make kids wonder . . . , I make them question
. . . , I make them apologize and mean it . . . , I make them have respect
and take responsibility for their actions."

"I teach them how to write and then I *make* *them* write. Keyboarding
isn't everything. I make them read, read, read. I make them show all
their work in math. They use their God given brain, not the man-made

"I make my students from other countries learn everything they need to know
about English while preserving their unique cultural identity. I make my
classroom a place where all my students feel safe. Finally, I make them
understand that if they use the gifts they were given - work hard and
follow their hearts - they can succeed in life."

Bonnie paused one last time and then continued: "Then, when people try to
judge me by what I make - with me knowing money isn't everything - I can hold
my head up high and pay no attention because they are ignorant. You want to
know what I MAKE?"


The CEO's jaw dropped; he went silent.

*A "Teacher" includes all like our mother, father, brother, sister, coach
and spiritual guide. *
*We ARE, what they MADE us; please share this with every one of them t**o
convey our thanks to them as also to prove that we are their worthy


One final request:

we need desperately donations for solar energy (administration building, watchman- and gardener houses)!


Thank you and with cordial greetings,

Yours, Helga Shanti Fründt




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Shanti Ananda Newsletter 3/2013

One of the most touching situations of the last few years happened on April 16th in the school. If I would not know for many years why I am engaged for this school – in this very moment I would have known… Raju, a 5th class student, is very sick. His parents took him to the hospital in Puttaparthy where he got a prescription for medicine not improving his condition. One more doctor consulted by the unhappy parents recommended blood transfusions strongly – but here in India the people have to care for blood reserves on their own. The very poor parents asked relatives and friends for help with little success; at the end desperately they approached headmaster Raja Sekhar who immediately promised help. Teacher Prabhavathi donated blood for Raju and will do this once again. Furthermore students and teachers collected money handed over to Raju’s very happy parents on that day in the school. For me the students’ and teachers’ spontaneous motivation to help was deeply touching; I believe strongly that we are on the right way to humanity...

The 7th class students hand over the donation to Raju’s parents

More than 2600 Rupees were collected by teachers and students; we promised help to the parents as well afterwards. We hope that Raju’s health will improve very soon.


Raju, teacher Prabhavathi and me


The Nature Day in March – the last one in the academic year 2011/2012 – was busy with garbage: most important as being neglected nearly everywhere.

Drama with Mother Earth in the focus

As a Nature Concept School we feel responsible to care for cleanliness in the environment as the first step to help Mother Earth thriving again… The garbage was taken out of the big central dust bin on the area. All the materials (paper, textiles, plastics etc.) were separated and recycled or removed.

Students separating the garbage of the big dust bin


On this picture a lot of garbage (f)lying around…

Afterwards in the guest house dramas and songs were presented by all the classes. Very creative designs for dust bins could be admired, and lots of colored and inspiring pictures showed topics related with garbage.

… being collected in a huge dust bin on this picture


On April 23rd, last day before the summer holidays, the fare well party of the 7th class was arranged. The six girls and three boys will attend High Schools.

A student of the 5th class speaking to the leaving students

The students were very sad about having to say “Good bye” to their beloved Shanti Ananda School where they felt at home. Unfortunately it is not possible for us to extend up to 10th class what would be meaningful and desirable as well. We want to extend the school up to the 10th class according to our vision. At the fare well party the 7th class performed a group dance together; afterwards teachers and students shared their feelings. The 7th class students told about their visions – out of nine teenagers three want to become teachers!


On April 13th Laughter Yoga Trainer Sheena Harratt Nellu ( led a laughter yoga workshop for teachers and employees; all the participants enjoyed a very funny time. Sheena had already arranged a spontaneous laughter yoga session on the exhibition day of the project week in February. The children present in that moment threw themselves into the situation with a lot of commitment; a very intensive vibration could be felt.

Laughter Yoga Workshop with Sheena Harratt Nellu (in white clothes)


Laughter Yoga has lots of benefits if practiced regularly: improved breathing and blood circulation, better academic results and more creativity and as well improved ability to communicate. It is beneficial for everybody; even laughter yoga groups with deaf persons are practiced... Dr. Madan Kataria from Bombay invented this technique and taught it in many countries. Meanwhile laughter yoga became a major movement worldwide; in many cities in India and other countries special groups are arranged. We integrated Laughter Yoga into our daily schedule – the students being very happy with this decision.

Our small ones in front of the vibrant (laughing?) sun flowers

The sunflowers on the school area (donated by our sports’ area sponsor Walter Hoischen) grew nicely, but they didn’t become as big as Walter’s miraculous plants in Germany. Since 2008 he planted every year hundreds of sun flowers on his road in Cologne – the neighbors were very fond of this.

Walter Hoischen with his huge sunflowers

Some of these flowers reached more than 5 m height (!) – Walter has special receipts for good growth… His motivation is: ”Love your environment.“ Every week he spends six hours approximately for caring for the sunflowers – an inspiring example for social service in the neighborhood. The local newspapers give report about his activities regularly.


A portrait is given to me on my birthday by a student

On my birthday celebration in March all the teachers and students showed a lot of creativity: everybody wore a funny hat, and I received a golden diadem. A big birthday cake was cut and distributed to 200 members. One very original present was a portrait – inspired like this I got the idea to teach arts for the 7th class starting in the next academic year. Up to now because of many duties not linked with art I could not do this.

We try at the Shanti Ananda School to teach a wider approach for a comprehensive and complete perspective to the students; we want to give a feeling of home to them and offer options to create their daily life. Our idea is that love should be the highest value in education. The human being consists of body, soul and mind; our education for head, heart and hands is meant for the human being as a holistic creature or an entity and not only for better marks. The following story – sent to me by Antonella Brambati – is very inspiring and shows a teacher acting towards her students in a most human and beneficial way:

A wonderful story


One day a teacher asked her students to write the names of all the other students of their class onto a sheet of paper and to leave some space beside the names. Then she asked the students to think over what would be the nicest statement they might tell about their class mates; they ought to write it beside the names onto the empty space.


This exercise took the whole period for completion; before leaving the classroom the students handed over their sheets to the teacher. At the weekend the teacher wrote each student’s name onto a sheet of paper and beside the list of nice statements written by their fellow students. Monday she handed over these lists to all the students. After short time all the students were smiling. „Really?“ she heard them whispering. „I didn’t know that I mean anything to anybody!” and: “I didn’t know that the others like me so much”, were the comments.


Nobody mentioned the lists ever again. The teacher did not know whether the students had discussed it with each other or with their parents; but that didn’t matter. The exercise had been meaningful and successful: the students were happy with themselves and with each other.

Some years later one of these students died; and the teacher went to his burial. The church was overfilled with his friends. One after the other who had loved or known the young man passed the coffin and granted the last honor to him. The teacher went as the last one and prayed in front the coffin. When she stood there one of the men carrying the coffin asked her: “Have you been Mark’s Mathematics teacher?” She nodded: “Yes.” Then he said: „Mark talked of you very often.“


After the burial most of Mark’s former class mates gathered. Mark’s parents were present as well; and obviously they were waiting longingly to talk with the teacher. “We want to show something to you”, said Mark’s father and took a money purse out of his pocket. “This was found after Mark had his accident. We thought that you would recognize it.” The father took out a most worn out piece of paper obviously many times glued together, folded together and unfolded again many times. The teacher knew immediately that this was one of the papers with the list of nice statements of Mark’s class mates. “We want to thank you for doing this”, said Mark’s mother. “As you might observe Mark appreciated this very much.“


All the former students gathered around the teacher. Charlie smiled a little bit and said: „I also still have my list. It is in the upper drawer of my desktop“. The wife of Heinz said: „Heinz asked me to fix this list in our wedding album”. "I as well have mine“, said Monika. "It is in my diary." Then Irene, another class mate, showed an obviously worn out list in her pocket calendar to the others. “I always take it with me”, said she and: “I think that we all still have our lists”. The teacher was so deeply touched that she had to sit down and cry. She cried because of Mark and for all his friends who would not see him ever again.

In the daily life with our fellow beings often we forget that life ends one day and that we don’t know when this day will come. That’s why we should tell to the people we love and care for that they are especially important for us.


On the video platform „Vimeo“ ( videos about the Shanti Ananda School (in German language, but nevertheless worth to be seen) are present:


Thank you and with cordial greetings,

Yours, Helga Shanti Fründt



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Shanti Ananda newsletter 1/2013

Shanti Ananda Nature Concept School

Newsletter 1/2013

Heide and Hartmut Groll visited the school and the new area onJanuary 5th - one day before the creativity exhibition (taking place every two months). At that time the students were in midst of eager and joyful preparations for this event.

Students of the 7th class create with salt flour dough

Heide and Hartmut Groll are both art painters; they paint wonderful picturesin the so called “Naive Style”. Heide Groll as well wrote several books about her life lessons and spirituality. The photos on top have been taken by Hartmut Groll.

On January 7th in all the class rooms and in front of the school many beautiful and fascinating products could be admiredin the creativity exhibition: for example a self-made tooth paste prepared of cloves, cardamom and chalk powder; furthermore charming jewelry of salt flour dough, mini landscapes and more. In the afternoon the creativity meeting was held as usual by all the teachers; it is meant to improve our creativity standard continuously.

On December 8th School and school area staff, 18 members totally, went for a works outing the very first time. The Ananda Forest – a piece of land sized 15 acres – was the first aim; fourteen years before a lady from Australia had bought it for reforestation purpose. This area nowadays is the only coherent piece of forest in the outskirts of Puttaparthy and a well-known model project as well. Most of our employees saw a coherent forest like this the very first time in their lives (!). They were deeply impressed calling it „heaven on earth“. This wonderful and most beautiful area with a big variety of trees, flowers and other plants is a vivid inspiration for us to create a similar paradise on the new school area.

Shanti Ananda staff members and guests in the Ananda Forest

Group picture in the AnandaForest

We explored the area in small groups, shared our experiences and afterwards had apicnic. Last not least we sang a Red Indian song and danced with all group members while singing it inmidst of the forest on an open area.

In the afternoon we visited two places of the Karuna Society near to Puttaparthy ( the Animal Shelter and the Wildlife Rescue Centre. The Karuna society is practising animal protection since many years. Sick and damaged dogs, cats, monkeys and birds are in the animal shelter,sometimes experiencing surgeries and sterilizations. Furthermore a big number of cows, a camel and some donkeys - looked after in their old age - are present. Especially touching for me were the “Plastic cows”; Karuna arranges surgeries for removing big amounts of plastics from their stomach – up to 50 kg. (The cows -mostly moving around freely in India - eat lots of plastics because everywhere garbage is to be found. While looking for food they swallow the plastic covers).The camel was planned to be slaughtered in Anantapur and could be rescued. Every animal has an individual story; Romula d’Silva - Vice President of the Karuna Society also conducting the Organic Shop in Puttaparthy - told us some of these stories in a heart-warming way. We were very touched by the atmosphere and very impressed by the good work of the society. Our project week – planned for the second week of February with the motto “Reuse, reduce, recycle” - will also deal with the topic “Plastic cow”.

On the court yard of the animal shelter

Fawn put into splints

The Karuna society is doing a great service to the animals as our brothers and sisters. Romula stressed that the laws in India concerning animal protection are very good, but there is a big need for human beings to fulfil these noble aims… The visit to both institutions was inspiring for us to dobetter service to animals – as a Nature Concept School one of our aims is to live happily together with our co-creatures.

„Plastic cow“ after surgery

The Nature Day in December was focused on fruits. It was the very first time that the studentsselected the topic– this should happen more often in the future. A big variety of presentations – rhymes, dramas and songs – and as well many different items had been prepared by the children. They showed a lot of interesting, creative and charming contributions.

Students in grape formation

Children presenting painted clay fruits

On December 18th - very suitable in the Christmas time – a candle workshop was conducted in the guest house; Shreevani and Prabhakar Reddy fromthe PRDS (Prabath Rural Development Society) –transferring our funds from Germany before we received the FCRA (Foreign Currency Registration Account) – taught the preparation of candles to teachers and 7th class students.

Shreevani (behind gas cooker), teachers and students preparing candles

Very attractive candles were created of wax and fragrance by heating wax in a pot and pouring it into nice molds. Power cuts and failures are very common in India; because of this reason many candles are needed. Torches are expensive and have to be fed with electricity or batteries... The selling of candles might generate some income for the PRDS and should make the society less dependent of donations. This topic will become more important for our Shanti Ananda Education Society as well.

The Indian winter – now already completed – is the main season for travelers from the west; so we had some visitors on the new area within the last months. Some of them became active like my brother Herbert and Herbert Mueller; they planted many coconut trees; Herbert Mueller inspired the sieving machine as well.Michael Reisinger (he arranged a strong foundation for the brick machine) and Michael Habermehl distributed sweets to the students; one day Michael Reisinger prepared a very tasty lentil soup and served it to usin the construction office.

Michael Reisinger (right side) serving self-prepared lentil soup

Walter Hoischenis engaged for a professional sports’ ground; he came with Gloria Schuetz (donorand massage expert) to the new area presenting sunflowers in a pot (in Germany he grew up sunflowers of 5 m (!) height).Heide and Hartmut Groll, supporters of the school, introduced Daniela Canton; she is very experienced with video production and conducted a video workshop on January 16thfor a small group (we have a new video camera; therefore it is important for us to learn how to handle it). Manfred and Hansjoerg, carpenter and architect from Austria, were very fond of the project. Furthermore unexpectedly a group from Columbia visited the new area; their driver had told them that we are building up a very creative ashram (!)…

The huge administration building is in an advanced condition. The big dome is nearly completed. But some static improvements became compulsoryfor the building - delaying the completion. That means that the school will shift to the new area at the beginning of the next academic year. The seven rooms – planned as headmaster office,society office, teacher team room, library, computer room and two labs – will be used as temporary class rooms. The entrance area will be used as an assembly and exhibition space. Our main donors finally gave the permission to start with thefirst class room in octagon shape.

Administration building with dome under construction

Meanwhile we planted approximately 2500 trees and 4000 Aloe Vera plants besides more bushes and flowers – in the water and in the soil. Very suitable to the charming picture of the lotus pond I want to recommend a very fascinating link about the life of flowers – Sabitha, teacher at the Shanti Ananda School till November 2011, gave it to me:

Yours, Helga Shanti Fründt

Lotus pond in front of the construction office

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