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Topic “Seeds”

The Nature Day in November showed many beautiful pictures prepared with seeds. It was a big joy to admire all the amazing results. The 7th class collected more than 78 different seeds for this event...

seeds2.jpg - 537.12 Kb

seeds3.jpg - 340.87 Kb


Topic “Elephants”

We celebrated the Nature Day already on October 4th instead of on 20th as usual because this day is World Animal Day. We selected the topic "elephants " as fascinating animals being threatened nowadays. The children created marvellous results as the following photos prove:

dsc01853.jpg - 1.39 Mb

Elephant picture created of leaves

dsc02041.jpg - 1.47 Mb

The Lower Kinder garden children present some pictures


Topic “Water”

We had this topic already in 2012, but as it is most important in this drought area it has to be handled again and again to open the consciousness for its importance. Like this on the Nature Day in September the World Water Day became an issue in the school.

dsc01774.jpg - 1.62 Mb

World Water Day picture

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Topic “Clean”

We appreciate not only nature, but cleanliness as well. To keep the environment clean and green is one of our main endeavours. So we train cleanliness - which means appreciation - regularly; all the students are requested to participate. The area will be cleaned as well as toilets and classrooms. In August the students focused on cleaning our new beautiful bathrooms; this is important as cleaning of bathrooms is neglected in the country very often...

dsc01293.jpg - 1.38 Mb

Nature Day presentation in the entrance area of the administration building

dsc01181.jpg - 2.11 Mb

Cleaning the school area


Topic “Plants and plantation”

We are not a Nature Concept School only, but we are growing up a forest as well. The environment is undergoing a desertification process as the people did cut too many trees in the past and still in the presence. Rain falls - always irregular in this area - became very rare because of less trees. Our students learn that it is important to plant trees and to care for them by watering, mulching and as well reciting mantrams...

Students reciting a mantram for a damaged tree

Students form a circle around some trees to be planted

Plantation team going to plant trees

Kinder garden students plant a tree


Topic “Scorpions and Snakes”

As there are many scorpions and snakes on the new school area as well as some centipedes it is important for the students to learn to identify these animals and how to arrange first aid in the case of a bite. Dr. Govindu from Mudigubba - a specialist concerning snake and scorpion bites - came for a visit and gave some suggestions to the students. Afterwards dramas were performed; and as usual we had a picture exhibition.

Dr. Govindu and headmaster Raja Sekhar in the entrance area of the administration building

7th class Drama about a farmer's snake bite


Topic “Garbage”

This topic is a permanent problem in India; everywhere the people are throwing the garbage onto the road. So in some areas we have the impression to be in midst of a garbage dump... Our students learn from the very beginning to collect the garbage on the school area and to throw it into the dust bin. The dustbin has four chambers for different materials (paper, plastics, textiles, irons). Our students clean their classrooms and look for cleanliness in the toilets and bathrooms.

Brooming Demonstration

Drama with Mother Earth in the focus

Dust Bin Designs


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