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The Nature Day in November dealt with the theme "spider". I was very impressed again with the individual results of the classes. Not only paintings in all varieties and sizes, as well as posters were to be seen, but also 3 D models, small demonstrations, oversized spider webs and life-size "spider"

new91.jpg - 101.94 Kb

Student Tejaswani with spider top



"Play ground"

The Nature Day in August was a very fascinating one. We had asked the children to give ideas for the playground - to be arranged in midst of the cycle place. the engagement and the creations of the children were marvellous (see also Newsletter 4/2015

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Playground Plan of the 6th class




The Nature Day in July had the topic "Hills" - very fascinating. The students created very exciting and fascinating exhibits.

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Water cycle

hills1.jpg - 208.08 Kb

Drama and science

hills2.jpg - 273.54 Kb

Hanuman carries a hill from the himalayas to Sri Lanka



"Harvesting of Compost"

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Loading of compost in order to transport to the plants

The Nature Day in March had as theme "Harvesting of compost". On the grounds are three compost pits created by pupils; one higher class cooperates with two lower classes at each pit. Large amounts of high-quality compost were harvested on the said day; the good quality could be identified through many larvae of special beetles which were put back into the soil. It was a pleasure to watch the children eagerly digging, transporting and distributing the compost at the plants.

compost1.jpg - 149.95 Kb

Compost larvae of special beetles



"Different Types of Soil"

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Art installation with soil in the Green class room

The Nature Day in February covered the topic ‚types of soil‘ as a very fascinating one. The students were busy with scientific (for example soil samples)and creative activities.

a8.jpg - 94.91 Kb

Soil sample poster



"Save Water"

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Art installation of the 3rd class

The Nature Day in January was about ‘saving water’ – a most important topic as the Anantapur District is suffering under a most serious drought. We practise mulching extensively to save water. The students are taught how to mulch teaching their families and others again. A variety of materials is useful for mulching like coconut peals, straw, dry leaves and many others – most importantly the soil around the plant should be covered to avoid drying. Besides the advantage of saving water mulching is beneficial as the organic material is becoming compost after some time – giving valuable nutrients to the plant.

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Flower pots on the veranda wall of the administration


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