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The topic of the December Nature Day was "Mulching". Because of the serious draught situation in this area we have to think of options how to save water. One effective way is mulching. So the students collected mulch materials in Mudigubba (coconut peels, dry grass, groundnut leaves etc.) and took them to the school area. Here these materials were prepared and distributed to our more than 3000 trees. Additionally some trees were surrounded by round stones. 

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The topic of the October and November Nature Days was "Traffic Education" as a preparation for the Project Week with this topic.

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Creativity Progress Exhibition August

On August 6th we arranged the two monthly creativity progress exhibition which is followed by a teachers' meeting with the same topic. The children presented very interesting and fascinating results. The difference between 'Nature Day', our monthly project day, and CPE is the non limited option to create... Here are some examples:

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The topic of this Nature Day, selected by the 7th class students, was 'fox'. The exhibits were amazing as always.

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The Nature Day in March was about "Fish". Dramas and Pictures were presented by the students. As well paper theatre dramas were shown to the children and the other observers. it was most thrilling...

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The Nature Day in February was about "Deer" - a very suitable topic for all the children. They were extremely creative with dramas, arrangements, pictures and statues. Obviously they had a lot of fun...

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The Nature Day in January was about "Moringa Logo". Moringa Olifeira is the tree of life with many benefits for the human beings. We grow up Moringa Olifeira on the school area since two years and distribute Moringa Ladoos (sweets) to the students twice weekly to uplift their health - successfully as all our teachers confirm. Now this wonderful tree is as well grown up by a specially started Company, the Shanti Ananda Organic Health Products Private Company. The income will be taken to finance the expenditures of the school. But we need a logo and thought the children's ideas might inspire one. Here are some of the results:

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