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Our 6th project week (20th – 24th January) was dedicated to flower plants – an idea of headmaster Raja Sekhar: 333 plants for the enhancement and decoration of the school area were presented; all the activities were linked to this topic.

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Meeting of teachers and students‘ group leaders preparing the week

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Plan of the Project Week

For the very first time the complete project week was conducted not class wise, but group wise. The teachers gave proposals for the topics; and the students selected according to their interest and motivation; for the smallest ones not yet able to decide a lottery was arranged. This procedure enabled new experiences in mixed age groups: 7th class students cooperated with kinder garden children getting fresh types of contacts like this. According to the students‘ wishes all the groups were unisex - either boys or girls. The children were very satisfied with this solution. Each group was led by one teacher and additionally by one student – one more new element. The students’ group leaders had the opportunity to train a new type of responsibility. A meeting of teachers and group leaders prepared the project week by discussing and arranging a fabulous plan.

Topics of the Project Week

  • Painting and drawing
  • History and usage of plants
  • Dramas and Role Games
  • Preparation of the Rally through Mudigubba
  • Arranging of Name Boards for the plants
  • Cleaning of the area and surrounding
  • Photography and distribution of pamphlets
  • Knowledge about multiplying of plants
  • Naming the pots
  • Exhibition arrangement

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Students naming the pots and arranging decoration elements for the exhibition

The week had been planned in an excellent way. A big chart in the entrance area of the administration building gave a survey about all the details: the 10 topics, the names of the teams (they all had flowers‘ names), the team leaders (one teacher and one student) and planned activities for each day. The teachers sacrificed one day of the Sankranthi holidays. This is pure motivation!

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Flower masks for the rally in Mudigubba

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Rally through Mudigubba

The week was very colourful, inspiring and fascinating; and it was a big joy to observe the enthusiasm of the students. Many new challenges coming along could be mastered. Especially the younger children observing the older students’ activities very closely could profit. The older students however, had opportunity to profile themselves as advisors and leaders. The teachers as well had a lot of joy in this week; you could see the enthusiasm in their faces. May be in the next Academic Year more project elements might be included in the time table.

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Plantation at the police station

The activities of the first two project days were presented to all the involved persons on the third day. Two touching dramas were presented; photos could be observed on the big computer screen; flowers with name boards in pots with class and students‘ names were spreading a good atmosphere; the entrance area of the administration building had been decorated and arranged in a very charming and attractive way.

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Visitors of the exhibition in the entrance area of the administration building

On the fourth day the rally arranged by the Shanti Ananda Education Society through Mudigubba took place; a plantation action at the police station – inspiring the public people - was the highlight of the day.

nl94r.jpg - 63.06 Kb

Centre of the building as temple: Shiva Lingam and flowers

The absolute highlight of the week was the exhibition on the fifth and last day, presenting the results of the week to everybody. We did already calculate with a huge interest because we had probably the biggest flower exhibition ever arranged in Mudigubba before – and we were flooded with masses of visitors!

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High School Students in front of the teddy bears stitched by teacher and librarian Munemma

Seven schools – two private (Sri Rama Public School and KVR E. M. School) and five Government Schools (Guddam Palli Thanda School, Boys‘ Government High School, Girls‘ Government High School, Surya Chandrapuram School and the Government Junior College) – came to us for visiting and admiring the exhibition and the area; some official persons like Mandal Revenue Officer, Bank manager, government teachers, three reporters (Eenadu, Andhra Jyothi, Vartha) and „quite normal“ visitors like parents, relatives, neighbours and friends.

nl96r.jpg - 53.14 Kb

Mandal Revenue Officer (4. f. r.) receiving a puppy from the teddy bear collection

It was totally touching for all the involved persons to receive such a huge resonance. Totally more than 2100 (!) visitors had a look to our exhibition, most of them being the very first time on the area. Their feedback – written into special guest books and onto two green boards – was very positive. The exhibition was a big success for the school, especially for headmaster Raja Sekhar who had generated the idea for the topic. For me it was a deeply moving moment to be witness of this day – my long time vision of a creative school basing on love and self-motivation had been fulfilled and was accepted.

It was a big event in Mudigubba; even on the next day (25th January) more visitors arrived. The final success meeting of the teachers was very happy, self-confident and joyful because rewarded by big success. An excellent motivation for the next project week and may be for more project elements in the daily life as well...


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