The third project week (January 31st up to February 5th) was planned as a science fair.
Growing up plants, waste materials. preparation of teaching materials, wild animals, electricity and water experiments were topics. Half of the students were active on the new school area regularly. Practical exercises with bulbs were done. The results of the project week were produced by the students only (in the first and second Project Week the teachers did produce some results as well). We could state that the project learning became regular at our school. At the presentation – in the presence of some press people – many beautiful and useful products - like cushions of coconut fibres, plates prepared of leaves, paper bags and others - could be admired. A big variety of items (including teaching aids and learning aids made of nature materials) had been produced by the students. As the highlight of the exhibition day a very touching drama was performed with Mother Earth - our main Goddess - in the centre. The human beings in the drama learnt - through tough experiences - that the only way to survive is in harmony with the nature.

Mother Earth at the presentation of the project week results
Andrea and Angelika – two committed and creative teachers from Germany who had conducted a workshop about kinder garden yoga and creativity at the school – took some items made by the students to Germany where they were sold at a school bazaar. The money was transferred as a donation for plantation on the new area. Like this the reward for the students' and teachers' efforts returned as a benefit for arranging reforestation on our school premises in this area undergoing a desertification process...