Awareness Camp for plastic garbage reduction

To realize this vision different activities were arranged in the school like preparation of paper bags and cotton bags and ropes of plastic covers. The drilling of ropes was the very first recycling of plastic done by our students. As well this first project week was the first time for the children taking action outside of the school premises: they went to the S. C. Colony nearby (Scheduled Castes Colony) to teach the inhabitants about the dangers of plastic garbage and to show to them the preparation of the above mentioned items. It was a great experience for the students to teach this practical and theoretical knowledge to older persons strengthening their self confidence. On the third day a rally through the town of Mudigubba was performed, teachers and students showing pamphlets, cotton bags stitched by the teachers, paper bags made by the students and plastic covers to illustrate the difference. Some important officers were visited and given pamphlets with compact information about the dangers of plastic garbage; some interviews with officers took place: Mother Earth and the Plastic Monster (both 7th class students) shared their knowledge. The newspapers gave reports regularly about the conscious widening activities of this week inspired by Headmaster Raja Sekhar with his “burning desire” for a clean Mudigubba.

Children drill a rope of plastic covers in the S. C. Colony

Visitors waiting for the exhibition in front of the guest house
On the last day an exhibition was prepared in the guest house on the new area to show the results of the project week. Some local schools were invited to visit the exhibition. An additional brick exhibition prepared by coordinator Chandra Mohan could be seen showing the different types of bricks made with the brick machine. (see http://www.natureconceptschool.org/nature-school-under-construction/clay-bricks.html).
The visitors were impressed by the big variety of items prepared by the students. They were very interested in the architecture and design of the new school area as well. The Nature School vision started to spread to the town of Mudigubba within this very special project week – a very exciting development…