Nature Ganesha


Debate about Nature Ganesha and chemical Ganesha before starting the Project Week

Topic of the Project Week from August 20th to 25th was „Nature Ganesha“ – very suitable as on 29th the yearly Ganesha Festival was celebrated (Ganesha, the elephant god, symbolizes a good start, success and protection). This festival is after Mahashivaratri (festival of Shiva) the second important one in India. Originally it was a spiritual event, but nowadays it is a commercial celebration mostly, with people drinking alcohol and making a lot of noise. The Ganesha statues presented on rallies - mostly prepared of chemical materials - are put into the water at the end of the day. Like this every year again a huge pollution is caused – especially in this drought area with less water, the district in India with the second last rain fall.

Project week plan


Some days before starting the Project Week a debate about Nature Ganeshas and chemical Ganeshas was arranged by Headmaster Raja Sekhar. The children who had been busy with this topic class wise had selected leaders to present their arguments in the debate. Three guests had been invited: Doctor Govind, Priest Raghu and Electrical line man K. Bala Raju who had shown the preparation of a Nature Ganesha to students and teachers in the last year already.In the debate a big number of aspects worth to think about were brought into the minds of the participants (see photos). Our guests were impressed by the creativity and sharp mind of our students.


Clay Ganesha under construction

Project Week Plan

20.8.: Team and work distribution

21.8.: Preparation of the exhibition

22.8. Preparation of exhibition and rally

23.8. Rally in Mudigubba

25.8. Exhibition at the bus stand

Preparation of plant colours